Learn basketball from Jeremy Lin

July 31st, 2017

July 25th in Shenzhen, Jeremy Lin from Brooklyn Nets, was the first member of the Jr. NBA China Leadership Council to come to China. He conducted a training class for 50 young players.

July 25th in Shenzhen, Jr. NBA Jeremy Lin Training Camp

July 25th in Shenzhen, Jeremy Lin was Officiating During Competition

On July 29th, Jeremy Lin brought the Jr. NBA Class to Shanghai and acted as a coach for 300 fans live.

July 29th in Shanghai, Jr. NBA Leadership Session

Do you wonder what it's like to learn basketball on the court with Jeremy Lin? Let's have a look!

Yaohui Yao, 10 years old, is one of the members during the 2017 Jr. NBA Jeremy Lin Training Camp in Shenzhen.

Q:What's the difference between this camp and other basketball camps?
A:It's so refreshing to be so close to Jeremy Lin personally. During the camps, we got to do drills and play games like cone dribbling, knockout, etc. These games are all related to learning the game of basketball. Jeremy Lin was also really nice during the camp. I want to say to him that we all wish you can come back again in the future.

July 25th in Shenzhen, Yaohui Yao Playing Cone Dribbling during Jr. NBA Jeremy Lin Training Camp

Yizhou Fang, 10 year-old from Shanghai JianPing Experimental School. Besides basketball, he also excels in Ping Pong.

Q:What was the biggest impression you got from this camp?
A:When Jeremy Lin appeared, the whole place was screaming, such a crazy feeling! Jeremy Lin was also very friendly in all his interactions with players, I'm really starting to like him after this camp.

Yizhou Fang & Co. Watching the Jr. NBA Leadership Session

Q:What did you get out of participating in this camp?
A:I got to see Jeremy Lin for the first time in person, his patience with teaching players certain skills and the joy that the players got from interacting with them, really made me feel the love of basketball, I really wanted to participate with them on the court. It's different than the type of training I usually get, not only do they work on fundamentals, there are also a lot of games involved, which are related to improving basketball skills. I feel like this event made me love basketball even more, in the future I will work as hard in practice and become an excellent basketball player just like Jeremy Lin!

Yifan Zhou, 12 year-old member from Jr. NBA Leadership Session, he was extremely excited for the arrival of Jeremy Lin.

Q: Which parts of this Jr. NBA session do you like more?
A:I basically like it all, my favorite part was when he came out and rang the bell through a long distance pass.

Q:You were very focused and worked very hard during this event right?
A:Mainly because Jeremy Lin was here, I wanted to perform well. I got to high-five him after dribbling drills, and i also successfully defended him. Also, I got to meet new friends during this event, and practiced basketball with them under the guidance of Jeremy Lin.

Yifan Zhou in Training

Jungian Sun, 17 year-old from SHSID that participated in Jr. NBA Shanghai Games and won the championships, said that he was very excited to be able to spectate the Jr. NBA Leadership Session by Jeremy Lin.

Jingyan Sun Interview

Q:Do you normally watch NBA games? do you know much about Jeremy Lin?
A:I'm always watching the NBA. I really like Jeremy Lin, I really respect the fact that he was able to perform such high standards in a highly-contact NBA. He was very good when he was with the Hornets, and he continues that level with the Nets. I hope he will have even more good performances in the future.

Cheng Fan, Jungian Sun's teammate from SHSID, was the team's main post player, he witnessed the Jr. NBA Leadership Session with his friend and teammate Jingyan Sun.

Cheng Fan from SHSID Watching with his Teammates

Q:I know that as a member of the SHSID basketball team, to keep composure, there are a lot of practices. What do you feel today after seeing Jeremy Lin training these kids?
A:I"m pretty jealous that these kids got to learn from Jeremy Lin, because they got to play basketball next to him. I hope that kids will have more of these opportunities in the future, this will make them fall in love with basketball, and the sport of basketball will become more of a norm.

In the future, Jr. NBA China Leadership Council will continue to help the growth of youth basketball in China, and bring the unique charisma of basketball to kids through Jr. NBA.