Jr. NBA During 2017 NBA China Games!

October 11st, 2017

The scent of 2017 NBA China Games still linger, there were many Jr. NBA moments during the whole event. Let's recap on these moments!

Moments of Magnificence

During the 2017 NBA China Game, there were 96 young players from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more, all visited Shanghai to participate in the 2017 Jr. NBA Asia Experience Trip. 6 Shanghai Jr. NBA youngsters served as their guide.

October 6th, A welcome dinner was joined by everyone.

To break the ice, the players started showcasing unique dance moves from their respective countries.

The dinner atmosphere was a good start to the event. The following three days were also followed by happiness and laughter.

Everyone appreciated the appeals of Shanghai.

Chemistry started to build among all players.

Everyone participated the 2017 NBA Fan Appreciation Day together.

And received basketball guidance from NBA legend Jerome Williams.

Also watched the main show, an exciting NBA China Game.

During the NBA Shanghai Game, the camera caught a glimpse of these players. They waved their hands excitedly to the sight of themselves on the big screen.

Moments of Fortune

As a basketball, what's the luckiest thing to happen to you? Personal contact with your favorite NBA star would be one of the answer!

During 2017 NBA Fan Appreciation Day, there were more than 230 Jr. NBA fans that participated in the event.

Not only did they watch the players from Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves, as well as some celebrities, put on a show in the Skills Challenge, the mascot of the Timberwolves (Crunch) even went on the stands and interacted with the fans!

When the Warriors and the Timberwolves players came out of the tunnel, 37 Jr. NBA players came out alongside the teams as ball boys & girls.

Moments of Inspiration

During the NBA Fan Appreciation Day last year, NBA China and Shanghai Sports Bureau announced a joint effort to donate and construct a basketball court and basketball equipments in Zunyi, Guizhou.

A year later, during the 2017 NBA Fan Appreciation Day, NBA China made two important announcements.

The first being the court donated last year in Zunyi, Guizhou, have completed construction and unveiled during Children's Day this year. NBA star Danilo Gallinari participated in the unveiling ceremony.

The second announcement is that, this year, NBA China and Shanghai Sports Bureau will continue their joint effort and donate and construct two outdoor basketball courts to Shaanxi Province. Deputy Chairman of Shanghai Sports Bureau, Deputy Director of Shanghai Sports Bureau Weimin Sun, Deputy Chairman of NBA League Huimin Tan, Deputy Inspector of Shaanxi Sports Bureau Yazhi Ren, Student Jiabin Wang of Yan'An City YiChuan High School of Shaanxi Province, and Special guest NBA legend Marcus Camby, all participated in the donation ceremony.

Jr. NBA is a youth basketball development program by NBA, and the donations of the court is a important part of the Jr. NBA program. Jr. NBA continues to put in their full effort in order to encourage more kids to participate the game of basketball.

Moments of Passion

On the evening of October 8th, an NBA Pre-season game between the Warriors and the Timberwolves took pace in the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena. Earlier on the same day, there was a Jr. NBA Pre-season game for the Shanghai League Games underneath the Pearl City between Shanghai Nanyang Model High School and Shanghai High School International Division, the champion of last season's Jr. NBA League Games. With the two prominent basketball schools, this game generated a good amount of hype.

And this game definitely lived up to the hype!

The game was tight all the way through. With just a few point deficits towards the end, Nanyang never gave up, #8 Kaiyi Luo hit two clutch shots to send it to overtime. In the end, Nanyang Model High School took the victory by 4 points after overtime.

November 4th, Jr. NBA Shanghai Games is about to begin,
This Pre-season game is just the prelude,
Are you looking forward to the new Jr. NBA season?