Jr. NBA Arrived In the Northwest, Authorized Curriculum To XLIS


On September 20th, a SECA-A Jr. NBA TTT (Train the Trainer Program) kicked off the process of Xi'an Liangjiatan International School (XLIS) officially becoming a “Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School”, licensed by SECA Academy with the authorization of NBA China. The school will receive a number of rights including Jr. NBA Curriculum, Jr. NBA student and teachers’ certification, Opportunities to participate in Jr. NBA official competition and training camp. This cooperation means SECA-A has expanded the map of Jr. NBA Curriculum program to Northwestern China, where more students and coaches will enjoy the love of basketball.

XLIS officially became a new member of Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School

Licensing Recap

On the morning of the 20th, SECA-A Jr. NBA trainer James began conducting a training course for XLIS’s PE teachers: Aaron Baumgartner、Abdul Hakim、Jasper Mehagnoul 、Kevin McGarry、Richie Li. The Rookie Level Training Curriculum provides systematic guidance on the basic content of coaching, primary offensive and defensive training, helping coaches to lay a solid foundation, and then guiding students to improve their basketball level and develop their mental and physical quality.

Mastering the correct posture is the basis of training

Appropriate game links can add fun

The next day was the international day at XLIS, the school’s leaders, teachers, students and parents gathered to witness the first “Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School” in Shanxi Province settled in XLIS, both party representatives unveiled the Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School plate. Jr. NBA Training Instructor James also presented the Jr. NBA Coaching Certificate for the PE teachers of XLIS.

Liu Li, The Head of XLIS with Jerry Ku, SECA-A Jr. NBA Program Director unveiled the Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School plate

Coach James with the PE teachers of XLIS

In the afternoon, James led the five PE teachers who had passed the Jr. NBA certification to give a Jr. NBA basketball demonstration class for students from 3 to 18 years old. Through the combination of games and teaching, the students can fully enjoy the fun of the Jr. NBA curriculum.

Introduction to Jr. NBA , the new class begins

Basketball stars from a young age

About XLIS

Xi’an Liangjiatan International School is the first IB World School authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in the northwest region of China. It is an SAT/AP test center authorized by The College Board and a is a key international education program supported by the Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Committee of Xi’an, Shaanxi. At present, the school's student body is comprised nearly 500 international students from over 22 countries. The new XLIS campus covers a land area of 68,666 square meters. This establishment is considered a green and modern campus which will provide outstanding international education on a large scale.

The Impact of Jr. NBA On Students

Jr. NBA program has provided the unique charisma of basketball for more than 26.4 million kids in over 71 countries. In the Jr. NBA youth basketball development project, students will not only gain the basketball skills, but also have the opportunity to participate in the Jr. NBA official competition and basketball training camp. Of course, it is more important to learn excellent qualities such as confidence,respect,leadership, teamwork, etc, laying a good foundation for future life.

The Impact of Jr. NBA On Faculty

The key of education is the teachers. Since becoming a Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School, the original team of PE teachers at the school will receive official certificates after the Jr. NBA training. At the same time, it will attract more teachers who are interested in better basketball education to join the school.

Creating a Sports Culture School

The image linked with the NBA brand represents the highest level of the basketball world, but it is not only the packaging of an “authorized school”, but also the campus basketball culture will be connected with it. Getting authorization is just a start, on this basis, the Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School will launch curriculum project, basketball activities, winter and summer camps to build a Jr. NBA basketball culture school,. Let’s look forward to more exciting chapters.


Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train The Trainers Seminar

January 15th, 2018

January 13th – 14th, 2018, Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train the Trainers Seminar officially kicks off in Changsha. SECA's Jr. NBA Training Instructor, James Muñoz, conducted a Jr. NBA training session for 11 PE teachers from different schools. Whether it's theory or practical execution, the teachers participated and learned a tremendous amount of Jr. NBA basketball in two days, in preparation for new Jr. NBA classes to start the new semester.

Let's take a look at some of the training highlight over the weekend!

Jr. NBA Coaching Tool Kit

Jr. NBA Curriculum Teaching Guide,Jr. NBA Coaching Board, Class Log, Whistle

NBA China prepared a Jr. NBA coaching tool kit for each participating coach in order to help them conduct better quality Jr. NBA classes in the future.

Jr. NBA Curriculum Teaching Method

Jr. NBA Theory Classes

Jr. NBA Youth Basketball Curriculum, designed by NBA, aims to teach PE teachers on what is coaching, how to coach, some novice offensive & defensive training, to help them further understand the theoretical aspect of the game of basketball.

Jr. NBA Practical Execution

During the training, all participating teachers are required to lead young players (volunteers) on the court to demonstrate how to run a proper Jr. NBA class with their newly acquired knowledge to further understand the training content.

Jr. NBA Coaching Certificate

After passing the training and evaluation, each teacher can receive their respective level Jr. NBA Coaching Guide and Coaching Certificate, qualifying themselves to teach their level of Jr. NBA curriculum at Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed Schools.

Training Re-Visit & Further Guidance

Jr. NBA Training Instructors will re-visit the school in the future for further guidance, to help the continuous improvement of Jr. NBA basketball classes and events by the newly certified trainers.

Q & A

What is Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train The Trainers Seminar?

NBA China granted SECA Academy sole authorization to conduct Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train The Trainers Seminar at Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed Schools. Training time and location are flexible with accordance to the licensed schools' need and availability.

Teachers that passed the training and evaluation will be awarded certification of their respective level as well as a training guide and teaching qualification.

Who Can Participate in the Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train The Trainers Seminar?

PE Teachers from Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed Schools can apply to participate in Jr. NBA Curriculum Licensed School Train the Trainers Seminar.

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Jr. NBA Works with Ministry of Education to Conduct Campus-Wide Coaching Seminar

August 25th, 2017

August this summer, 2017 Coaching Seminar was conducted for Primary and Junior High Schools in China. NBA brought about 10 foreign coaches with a lot of experience in youth basketball to pass along their wisdom.

The Coaching Seminar is a important element of the collaboration between NBA China and China's Ministry of Education to promote the sport of basketball amongst primary and secondary schools in China.

Highlight one: Bigger Scale

Summer last year, the teachers that participated in the Coaching Seminar came from 525 schools in 11 provinces such as Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, etc. A lot of those teachers took what they learned back to their respective schools and shared with the students with good results.

This year, Jr. NBA increased the scale of the seminar by increasing the amount of training session from 5 to 15, with teachers from approximately 2000 schools that participated.

Highlight 2: Different Levels of Training

Due to different teachers' situation, this training was divided between Level 1 classes and Level 2. Those that participated last year would enter the higher level classes.

The Coaching guide developed by NBA China, "Coaching Manual - Beginner" touches on what is coaching, ways of coaching, beginner offense training, beginner defense training, etc.

"Coaching Manual - Intermediate" touches more on basketball games, footwork and physical training, intermediate offense & defense, ways of coaching teenagers, etc.

There will be advanced training classes in the future for teachers to continuously elevate their coaching skills.

Highlight 3; Practical Knowledge

During the Coaching Seminar, not only do the teachers have to audit the materials that the NBA foreign coaches brought, they also have to perform the training on the court, in order for more analysis of the content.

In each stop of the training seminar, coaches brought some youth players to show how to conduct a basketball lesson. Some lucky teachers also got the chance to rally a team, and be evaluated by the foreign coaches.

Education and sports both require a substantial amount of time before results will show, and it's no different with Chinese youth basketball. From the 525 schools last year to the 2000 schools this year, the scale of basketball on school grounds continues to improve. The Coaching Seminar is just the beginning, once school starts, there will be more basketball lessons, skills challenge, Jr. NBA League Games than last year.

August this summer, 2017 Coaching Seminar was conducted for Primary and Junior High Schools in China. NBA brought about 10 foreign coaches with a lot of experience in youth basketball to pass along their wisdom.

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