Jr. NBA Curriculum Vision

Jr. NBA Curriculum Vision

Through years of big data from training and games from NBA players, the Jr. NBA R&D team produced a comprehensive NBA-style basketball training curriculum by virtue of the well-established basketball culture and logic. The original "ABCD" value system serves as the core philosophy of the curriculum system. Certified coaches will guide kids to approach basketball training with the right attitude in a fun environment. Not only does the basketball education from NBA improve the standard of coaching amongst youth, it also helps the kids to fully develop in a rich basketball culture.


  • A


    Achieving Goals
    Mastering Skills
    Loving the Process
    High Fives & Smiles
    Cheering for Others
    Interactive Games
    Positive Encouragement

  • B


    Footwork & Conditioning

  • C


    Sportsmanship & Fairness
    Confidence & Humility
    Positivity & Receptiveness

  • D


    Active Lifestyle
    Time Management
    Injury Prevention
    Rest & Recovery
    Healthy Relationships
    Balanced Lifestyle

Jr. NBA Curriculum System

The Jr. NBA Pathway and its four levels are derived from the *Long Term Athlete Development Model. At each level, there will be unique methods, messages, skills, and drills that incorporate and teach the ABCD’s of the Jr. NBA

*The Long Term Athlete Development Model is an approach to athlete-centered sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development to produce athlete.

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Rookie’s ABCD
Love of Basketball Starts With an International Platform

At the Rookie level, the game is all about fun, being active, and learning basic fundamental skills. This is the first introduction to basketball for most players and it should be a positive experience. Five-on-five competitions should be limited until later in the level(s). The goal of the Rookie level is to engage in activity and form a base of motor skills.
  • Always

    One very important way we can ensure that the players have fun is through our high-fives, smiles, and positive encouragement. Coaches, parents and organizers should use these tools of body language and positive reinforcement to create an enjoyable environment. Fun also plays out through a variety of skill-related, interactive games. Whether it’s a relay race, or dribble tag, these skill-related games make it fun to learn and play.

  • Building

    In the early stages of the Rookie level of the curriculum, players should play the game voluntarily in their free time because it’s an activity that they enjoy. As their enjoyment grows and they mature, basic fundamentals of the game will be acquired. Some of the fundamentals that are introduced in the Rookie level include having a good athletic stance, running, jumping, stopping, balance, ball-handling, passing, receiving, and shooting. These movements and skills will lay the foundation for skills acquired later in the pathway.

  • Core

    In their first introduction to basketball, many players have a tendency to be individualistic and shy, others see the game as an opportunity to develop new friendships. Players at this level may be very aware of their feelings and the feelings of others. Therefore, it is important to emphasize sportsmanship & fairness, instill confidence, and teach them to respect each other. By incorporating these messages on a daily basis, players will grow in their social understanding and sport etiquette.

  • Developing

    In this level, Jr. NBA players are encouraged to lead an Active Lifestyle. Getting exercise from multiple sports and activities helps create healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Being active also translates to better productivity in school and overall health. This foundation of being active develops a base for athletic development in basketball and beyond. Encourage players to be active!

Jr. NBA Training Breakdown

The following table shows the approximate time and emphasis taken for each practice plan at each level.

  • Warm-Up & Injury Prevention
  • Cultivating Values & Developing Wellness
  • Competing
  • Team Concepts
  • Building Skills

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