Audience Culture of Youth Basketball

October 18th, 2017

The 2017-2018 Jr. NBA Shanghai League Games is about to start, are you ready to watch?

Before the official start of the season, here are some tips and competition notice for a better spectating experience.

Why do you love sports? There are many answers to that question; for example, sports is exciting, skills of athletes are impressive, and that their spirit is inspiring.

When we talk about the charisma of youth sports, you might have another reason as a parent: My kid is a participant. Your connection to sport has a emotional attachment to it through your child.

Most of the time, watching youth sports is full of joy. However, unwarranted behaviors sometimes do occur (from parents, classmates, or even coaches) that may break the ambiance.

In "sports culture", spectating etiquette is also an important part. As parents of the players, how do we build a good atmosphere that foster positive energy for the kids? Here are 2 ways for reference:

1. Spread Positive Energy
Parents are big parts of building a positive culture of youth competition and spread positive vibes. Parents are not only players' supervisor, but they're also the support of players and teams. Therefore, the positive energy that's been spread by parents will be felt by the crowd. There are many ways to share the energy, for example, call on the game-time announcement, participate in pre-game training, educate on sports-watching etiquette, use cheering equipment such a posters, brochures, etc. The culture of watching sports is intangible, but the use of tangible equipment may help sometimes.

2. Accommodate Competition Organizers
Good etiquette is formed between finding out a problem and solving that problem.

First, from the perspective of the referees, having disagreements during a youth sports game is unavoidable. Parents need to understand this;

Second, "Process Over Results". It's an important ideology for youth competition. If kids played well, please cheer and encourage them. If they don't, don't reproach right away.

Third, Parents are more than welcome to give feedback to competition organizers, your constructive criticism is very important!

The options above is a good start. However, our job's not done. If you are the parents of a player, please comply with the following rules:

1. Competition is very exciting and all cheering is absolutely welcomed. However, in the case of turnovers or mistakes by any players, please do not boo. Sportsmanship is a priority, competition comes second. Regardless which team you're rooting for, please support everyone.

2. Please refrain from smoking while watching the game, and don't leave any trash at the end of the game to keep the gym as clean as possible.

3. Please do not interfere with the players on the court (i.e., throwing objects onto the court, flashing lights onto the players, shout irrelevant things during games). Such behaviors might affect the players' performance and composure.

4. Please show up early to the gym prior to the start of the game. If you have any cheering equipment or special spectating needs, please prepare in advanced in the stands. Once the game starts, please try not to move too much and affect other people's spectating experience.

Maintain a good youth competition environment is the responsibility of everyone, whether you're a parent or competition host. Let us work together and enjoy the games!

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