2017 School Skills Challenge Best Organizer Revealed

July 14th, 2017

Since March of 2017, schools all over the country started Skills Challenge. More than 100 schools have successfully conducted the competition. There were also 15 city-wide competitions, 10 provincial competitions, and 3 regional competitions.

To show appreciation of the support and accommodation showed by various schools in the event of Skills Challenge, Jr. NBA and Ministry of Education Campus Basketball Committee organized the "2017 School Skills Challenge Best Organizer" award in order to give evaluations, draw lessons from the competition, and further promote basketball culture on school grounds.

Through various evaluations, Henan Jiyuan City Dongyuan School, Shanghai Jianping Experimental School, Mianyang Foreign Languages Experimental School of Sichuan, Sichuan Yibin No. 2 Middle School, stood out from all schools that participated.

Sharing is the Biggest Joy

School: Henan Jiyuan City Dongyuan School
Teacher: Lijun Zhang

Competition Highlight: Instructor Lijun Zhang is an outgoing personality that loves to share. Instructors Lijun Zhang and Mingguang Zhang explained the rules of Skills Challenge to its students during the times of 2017 Jiyuan Primary School Basketball Association Annual Meeting. Because of this, skills challenge is a very popular competition in schools of Jiyuan. There were a total of 21 Boys and Girls teams that participated in skills challenge in Jiyuan City, and a record of participates in the city-wide division.

Basketball Carnival

School: Shanghai JianPing Experimental Primary School
Teacher: Li Zhang

Competition Highlight: During the Skills Challenge at Jianping, Coach Zhang integrated many basketball activities and organized a month-long "Basketball Carnival". Due to the fun and entertaining nature of the event, he attracted students from 36 different classes to participate. There was even a theme of "Defy gravity for basketball". Through these activities, it rallied the students together, and further authenticate Coach Zhang's "Happy Basketball" philosophy.

United We Stand

School: Mianyang Foreign Languages Experimental School
Teacher: Tang Xiao Xiong

Competition Highlight: Skills challenge got Coach Tang's attention due to its simple but extremely enriching nature. Through his eagerness, Mianyang Foreign Languages Experimental School not only started their internal Skills Challenge, they even hosted and organized it for the city of Mianyang. The competition attracted 28 students from 10 schools. With strong support from Principal Zhijian Mi & Deputy Principal Luoping Chang, the competition atmosphere was energetic with local Sichuan Media on site to report the games

System Innovation

School: Sichuan Yibin No. 2 Middle School
Teacher: Ye Chunrui

Competition Highlight: The teaching techniques and methodologies of the 2016 "Train The Trainers" conducted by foreign coaches left a very strong impression for Coach Ye. As soon as the notice for Skills Challenge came out in 2017, Coach Ye innovated a design of promotional practice tailored to the basketball-loving students of Yibin No. 2 School, where Skills Challenge is split between a challenge and a competition. During the Jr. NBA Sichuan League Game Final, Principal Tonglie Xu graced the site to experience a different kind of competition atmosphere, and to gather more experience for future events.

With the new organizing format of skills challenge and the accumulation of basketball culture, Sichuan Yibin No. 2 Middle School came out on top with 24350 final vote for the best organizer award. Principal Tonglie Xu and Sports R&D teacher Chunrui Ye will participate in the "2017 Jr. NBA All-Star Week - Stephen Curry Training Camp" and will receive two tickets to the NBA Shanghai Games, presented by Stephen Curry.

Special thanks to all organization and participation of all schools. Schools and Jr. NBA are promoting youth basketball and enriching basketball culture on school grounds, in order to let more students to enjoy happiness, confidence, and teamwork. We will continue to provide more competitions and events to the youth and share the joy with everyone.